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Alkaline Water

How to get your best source of health?


+ Bonus: Best Water Ionizer Reviews for 2018

Are you ready for the ultimate alkaline water machine buying guide?

No, you are not ready. So, first, to understand what alkaline water is and what its benefits are, you can are read our article on this subject. Once you learn about the debate on alkaline water’s benefits, come back and read this useful guide. If you already know about alkaline water and want to buy the right alkaline water machine for you, go on and read a complete guide on buying the right water ionizer for you and your family!

What is all this fuss about Alkaline?

Health – the supreme goal of each one of us. From exotic philosophies and daily mantras, to fitness and finally food consumption, people are pelt with information about how to live healthier. The most recent discussions at the table of scientists and nutritionists happen around: water. We are made of approximately 70% water; but is water good enough for us?

“The best water to drink has a pH level over 7”

According to the pH level scale, pure water has 7pH. What we must drink is water with an alkaline pH because it helps our cells to function properly and keeps them away from getting toxic. Alkaline Water ph scale Consuming food with an acidic content leads to health problems because the acid is toxic for our cells. While basic items such as alkaline water, baking soda or lemon are reducing the toxicity in the body and enhancing cell lifespan. More on the benefits that alkaline water has for our bodies you can discover on a featured special article. In general, nutritionists encourage the consumption of alkaline water to reduce the acidic level of the organism which is a source of many health issues such as dental problems, stomach or skin problems. Some people declare that alkaline water can be obtained through an at-home-recipe but for safety measures, it is best to get your alkaline water from a permanent source. Such source is called water ionizer and it is a machine that can be installed on the counter or under your sink. In the following part of this buying guide, we will stop on the water ionizers or alkaline water machines that have been reviewed by tested source for the year 2018.

Water Ionizers – Your Fountain of Alkaline Water

The simplest way of getting a permanent source of alkaline items is buying a water ionizer, also known as alkaline water machine. Right now, on the market there are thousands of alkaline water machine producers and distributors, placing customers at an expensive crossroad. Moreover, because consuming alkaline water is a trend, there are scammers which claim health benefits of this product without official tests. In such cases, when consumers drink more than the right amount of alkaline water, health benefits quickly turn into health risks.
It is advisable to consult your doctor about alkaline water and the amount you should drink depending on your weight and health conditions.
There is no actual proof that alkaline water has clear health benefits, but its recognized purpose is that it offers the consumer a more basic drink and less acid.

Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle” – Stephen Curry

We’ve put together this guide on buying alkaline water machine for those people that want to drink alkaline water but have no idea where to start. Plus, we offer alkaline drinkers an important view on the best alkaline water machines that bring quality and cost-efficiency together. Please note that this guide offers only informational details and by no means looks to influence the reader’s option in consuming water or choosing a certain product.

Guidelines for Buying Your Alkaline Water Machine

It is important for you to know the key features of a water ionizer. We have mentioned for all alkaline water machines some of them, such as: number of plates, design of plates, installing position, additional features and warranty. We will continue this buying guide for alkaline water machines with a detailed view on the key features of water ionizers. Pay attention to this key features when buying your alkaline machine; these are the features that make the difference between a high quality unit and a bad investment. When deciding to buy a water ionizer, you should watch out for the following features that all alkaline water machines MUST have:
We will take each feature separately and see what an excellent water ionizer should present. All these features refer to technical, scientific measures which present a better usage and resistance without spoiling the quality of alkaline water. When you buy alkaline water machine, you have to make sure that the alkaline water it produces is at the right pH level. Moreover, the endurance of the water ionizer parts is highly important because certain materials increase the toxicity of water. Paying attention to the 5 features above brings you a guarantee of quality, quantity and cost-efficiency.

» Plates

Perhaps the most important part of a water ionizer, plates create the engine behind the process of making water alkaline. Plates divide the water in acidic and alkaline streams. They are inside the water cell – the heart of a water ionizer and they are usually made of metal with titanium plates dressed up in platinum bringing the highest quality. Plates function with electricity so the greater the electric power, the more accurate the separation process. Besides the circuit, the design of plates plays an important role in electric conduct. There are 3 major types of plates.

  1. Solid Plates

The oldest plate design with enormous durability but still a great drawback; due to the solid design, the electricity sticks to the edges of the plate so it doesn’t reach its full potential. Manufacturers still use it as the most economic option.

  1. Mesh Plates

Mesh plates solve the issue of edges and conduct the electricity at full coverage. However, due to the great energy pressure, mesh plates don’t have the same durability as solid plates. If you still decide to go for mesh plates, choose something under 100 watts.

  1. Solid-Mesh Hybrid

When something combines the positive attributes of the past options, it’s a win. The solid-mesh hybrid plates have the durability of the solid plates and the overall distribution of mesh plates due to equally distanced drilled holes. The solid-mesh hybrid plates are baked in order to enhance durability. Still, make sure to choose solid-mesh hybrid plates that are dressed in multiple coats of platinum. Wait a second! Besides the design of the plates, there is an extra feature to which you have to pay attention: size! There are 4 sizes of plates and each size comes with particularities. They are named as follows: 5, 7, 9 and 11 plates.

Which plate size should you pick?

We dragged it down to 4 size plates because anything below 5 plates is of poor quality and there is no point in paying money for an old product. Moreover, while plate numbers is highly important, the size, as in the surface of the plate is as necessary as the number for a wide ranged electricity distribution; the wider the electricity distribution, the more efficient the water filtration. Choose a length more than 7 inches and PERMELEC plates for the right thickness and size.

5 Plates

The oldie of the plates, a 5 Plates water ionizer unit is meant for small families and reduced usage. Usually is best to avoid only 5 plates units because they have poor filtration and a traditional functioning process. However, if your budget is right only for a 5 plates unit, make sure it has SMPS Plus® Power Supply and dual filtration and platinum coated plates.

7 Plates

Usually, 7 is a lucky number and it can be for you. 7 plates are mid range size efficient alkaline machines. They have modern technology and a better filtration system. For a low budget, a 7 plates unit is the right choice in matters of efficiency; however, it is best to compare a 7 plates unit with a 9 plates to see the differences. If there are small differences that can be covered with a few more dollars, it’s best to go for a 9 plates unit. When your choice is still the lucky 7, make sure you go for: SMPS Plus® Power Supply and a minimum of 200 watts of power.

9 Plates

Better than 5 or 7 Plates, but trickier in choice. There are few 9 plates units on the market at a good quality, but they are the second best when it comes to plate number. Still, with advanced technology and a better performance than 7 plates units, the 9 plates alkaline water machines can be a terrific choice, if you make sure they also have more than 7 inches in length and: Highest quality SMPS Plus®, a lifetime warranty, without a fine print and solid/mesh hybrid plates. Don’t forget about the dual or ultra advanced filtration.

11 Plates

The supreme choice even if it is extra money, but 11 plates unit is the leader of quality when it comes to alkaline water machines. Only recently, the 11 plates units have become available for residential use since before they were installed in large units for industry use. Now, each home can get their sublime design that incorporates high quality and refined alkaline water with 11 titanium plates coated in platinum. The 11 plates units have shown an increase of almost 30% in pH and ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) performance. Look for SMPS Plus® Power Supply (20% higher amp) and 750 watts, that means a wider electricity range and a higher power, plus a 40% increased flow rate. So, the best choice is a 11 plates unit, made of titanium and multi-coated in platinum, with over 750 watts, higher SMPS Plus® Power Supply and solid/mesh hybrid plates. water ionizer plates 5 7 9 But plate size is not all! There are other key-features to look for when deciding on your alkaline water machine.

» Filtration

Don’t even think about single filters. The market is now populated by a higher quality of dual filters, at a wide range of prices so depending on your budget you will surely find a dual filtration unit. Choose ceramic filters of larger size and take advantage of the pre-filters offered by alkaline water machine companies when needed. Therefore, when looking for a high-quality filtration system, choose:

  • Dual/ultra filtration;
  • Ceramic filters;
  • Large sizes;
Water ionizer filtration system

» Installing Location

Here is a continuous debate: which one should you choose: the countertop unit or the under-counter unit?  The answer is a preference really. Countertop units are more convenient in matters of access: the filters are easier to change; you can reposition the water ionizer wherever you want and there are long water dispensers. Plus, it is visible so your friends and visiting family will be aware of the fact that they drink alkaline water and can be converted as new drinkers of alkaline water, too. A healthy gathering! The under-counter units have a more complicated installation process but it’s a hidden unit so you will have more space. The water ionizer will come out through a drilled hole which it is suited for a soap support or other decorations in case you will remove your under-counter unit. Under-counters water ionizers are the newest products on the market and they are presented as stylish products. It’s important here to know that you have to make the choice! Do not choose a convertible unit because a convertible design compromises on water quality. It is made to offer a quick option for the undecided customers, but it is not the best option. There are different interior systems for under-counter and counter-top units, so convertible units are stretching the limits and in several places they are illegal.

» Budget

With all the fuss about water ionizers on the market, you don’t have to choose a high cost alkaline water machine. Pay attention to the key features and certification which are a must, then when it comes to design or additional features you can compromise in order to suit your budget. Not all expensive alkaline water machines are of great quality. Keep in mind the fact that you can buy an efficient alkaline water machine which offers healthy water with a low-budget, too. Look out for the plate’s size and design, dual filtration, SMPS plus Power Supply and you will be able to get a good unit at a good price.

» Certification

In order to buy alkaline water machine that is legally certified and has a quality guarantee, you have to check for some certifications. Do not buy units that lack these certifications!

  • UL Certification (Underwriter’s Laboratory) is a global independent scientific company that deals with the safety of products;
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) makes sure your product has been manufactured under highest standards according to tested protocols;
  • CE (European Conformity) certifies the fact that the alkaline water machine respects the laws on free movement of goods and consumer’s information.
  • Good Design Certification: offered by the Good Design Support Company which tests the lifestyle improvement of customers and makes sure products are manufactured for the customer’s sake.
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) the link between public and private sector that makes sure products respect: quality, ecosystem protection, safety and reliability.
  • KIPO and Korea Food and Drug Administration Certification: governmental agencies that protect the wellness of consumers;
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Certification: the supreme authority on making American products eligible for global market standards;
  • PERMELEC Electrode LTD Certification: the largest and most important electrode company from Asia, Japan which manufactures plates with a long lifespan and high durability;
  • INNOBIZ Certification: a water quality premium, think of it as the OSCAR for the water companies;
  • IEC (International Electro technical Commission) which makes sure that every household appliance and electricity-based gadget is manufactures to healthy and safety standards;

» Checklist of important features

In order to find it easier to check important features on the alkaline water machine, we put together a list that you must check when buying the alkaline water machine. All water ionizers must have tags which contain the following features:

Additional Tech features

Main Functions Features

Ceramic, dual filters; SMPS Plus® Power Supply
Electrically powered; 9 plates units – 8 AMPs/11 plates – 10 AMPs
Chemical Free; Minimum 5 Plates with more than 7 inches length;
Self-cleaning option; Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates;
LCD Touch Screen; pH level adjustment;
Shut-Off Safety Feature;
Eco-friendly unit;
Long-time Warranty;
Long-time trial period;

What’s on the market?

There are tons of alkaline water machines also known as “water ionizers”. Each brand claims “the best” quality on the market but beyond the marketing promises, what makes the difference in the quality of water ionizers is a more detailed story. From 2007 when the market started to count water ionizers as a trendy product up until 2017, the alkaline water machine produced by the Tyent Company has led the rankings in several years. Companies like Evontis and Enagic managed to steal the top in 2011 and 2008.  Most rankings feature the same products and the winner is always an 11 plate water ionizer. But let’s look at a detailed ranking which comprises all results up till 2018 and see what is best on the market.

Water Ionizer’s Top Ranking 2018

A popular winner, Tyent’s 11 Plate alkaline water machine is considered by many the best combo of necessary features.

Why? It wins with the design. It has been created as a fit-in-all places unit, with a metallic look, a small frame and easy access to filters.

Moreover, it is a countertop water ionizer with 11 solid/mesh hybrid plates coated and baked, how they should be for extra efficiency in streaming alkaline water and ultra filtration. It also comes with a 75 day trial warranty!

The downside? The only thing that can bother a perfectionist is the fact that it needs to be unplugged to reboot the unit, so make sure you plug it in a socket with easy reach.

Update:  check out Tyent’s 11 Plate Water Ionizer Review

Tyent’s 11 Plate Water Ionizer
With a 7 solid titanium plates coated in platinum, Bawell’s alkaline water machine honors the 2-nd place. It is the inexpensive choice for those who cannot afford a 1-st place unit because it comes with a small and suitable design, and the possibility to choose a manual pH level set or a programmed one. Manually, you can set a pH level between 2.0 and 12.0 while the pre-set has the range between 3.0 pH and 13.5 pH. Moreover it comes with a dual filtration system and has a flow rate of 1 gallon of water at 30 seconds due to the SMPS Power System with 180 watts. Bawell’s Platinum water ionizer receives extra points for lifetime warranty, easy installation and user friendly due to the nice, readable LCD screen. It is a countertop unit. Negative points? The design is a bit sluggish and if you don’t catch a good offer, it might seem too pricey.
Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
Whoever said 3rd place is not as good as 1st place hasn’t met the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe with 7 titanium plates, coated in platinum, limited lifetime warranty and FDA approved plastics. What’s more is that it’s a low-cost maintenance unit. You don’t pay much for 7 healthy water options with 4 ionized alkaline variables, 1 non-ionized purified and 2 ionized acidic preset. The design is not something fabulous, but it’s a countertop unit and the LCD screen is as clear and big as the skies. It has a self-cleaning option and easy-replacement for filters. For low-budget pockets, the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe is a healthy, efficient choice. For the fourth place, we selected an under-counter unit because we want to make sure we cover all tastes. While countertop units are recommended because of easy-access, maintenance and cost-efficiency, a premium under-counter unit can be a wise choice for those people that like to hide their household appliances.
Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer
While Tyent’s water ionizers are top on the market, we’ve placed the under-counter on fourth place because it is not the most affordable product, but it has a great quality. With a special design for futuristic kitchens, Tyent’s UCE-11 Under-counter alkaline water machine is the boss of under-counter water ionizers. It has 11 solid/mesh hybrid platinum plates and a gadget-like aspect which enables easy access and use. It also has a great variety in pH level making it the largest surface area in the industry with 3 alkaline settings, 3 acidic sets and a turbo feature for all outputs and 99 presets. It provides a pH level between 2.0 and 12.0. It is slightly expensive but you know you are giving that money for quality and efficiency. It has a limited lifetime warranty.
Tyent UCE-11 Under-Counter Water Ionizer