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About me

My name in Adrian C. and I am the founder and the administrator of

This website was created when a few years ago I needed to find out more about what is alkaline water and witch alkaline water machine is the best my for my needs and for my budget.

Since the information about this subject was pretty thin on internet I started to gather as much info and I considered fair to put tougher this website and  share with others like you. Long story – short, this way was born.

How can you help me?

I welcome any feedback both positive and negative, so leave your comments and I will take any recommendations or criticisms into consideration. The more help we get from real users, the better it will become.

You can also share my website on Social Media , I`ll give you a glass of alkaline water 🙂

Take Care
Adrian C.

I almost forgot, if you need to contact me please do so, see my email on this page