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Your New Chance at Health: Alkaline Water

Should you change the drinking water, as well?

A trend in these post-modern days is to debate on how we stay healthy. From the spiritual guidance to fitness and consumption, everything is monitored, criticized, alternated.

Did you think that water – that important life substance would skip the health discussions?

No. The question is: are you drinking the right kind of water?

Some say: Go Alkaline! Others are still not sure about it. Let us shade some light on what alkaline water is. 

Back to Basics: What is Alkaline Water?

What is Alkaline Water?Alkaline water is water. However what differs from the regular drinking water we all consume is the pH level. The “pH” refers to the potential of hydrogen that measures the acidity (soft) or basicity (hard) of a solution that contains water.

While pure water has 7 pH, regular water is somewhere between 6.5 – 7 pH. Water that is higher than 7 is basic, hard, and alkaline.

Why is the pH level so important for our health?

Water pH level

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Water with a pH level lower than 6.5 are acidic and corrosive; this means that they contain metal ions such as iron, manganese, zinc, cooper and other toxic metals. These toxic metals can eventually be deposited at the kidneys or liver levels creating health issues. The acidity of water can be regulated by a neutralizer; however the human body maintains the pH levels in balance most of the time so water is not harmful to us. Since the human stomach has a pH level of 2, the high acidity helps us digest food.

Still, when the pH level is imbalanced or too acidic, our health suffers. The level of oxygen in blood drops and we get headaches or chest pains; we can also be more prone to seasonal flu and immune downfalls. Here is why alkaline water is considered to be a healthier option for us.

Why is Alkaline Water better?

The pH level in alkaline water is 8; this means that is more basic and cells are protected from toxicity. An acidic environment intoxicates and kills cells while a basic one keeps the cellular functions at optimal levels. When blood maintains an alkaline condition it fuels more oxygen and cellular activity is increased.

It’s pure chemistry.

The main mechanisms of our bodies are breathing, blood circulation, digestion and even hormonal circuit. When the pH levels become more acidic, the above functions cannot keep up or remove the residues so cells are affected – our health is affected.

By drinking alkaline water or by paying attention to the consumption of certain food that enables the alkalinity in our bodies will keep the pH level at optimal levels. Alkalizing food contains the most important minerals: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium which are vital to our muscular, bone and circulatory systems.

What are the benefits of Alkaline Water?

We’ve seen above that the alkalinity of water encourages a better oxygen circuit and resistance of cells. However, what are the exact benefits that we get by switching regular tap water with alkaline water?

  1. Get rid of toxins

Alkaline water is an efficient anti-oxidant. It keeps cells safe from being intoxicated and it encourages the body to eliminate toxins.

  1. Lose some weight

Strongly related with the above benefit, the consumption of alkaline water helps you keep fit. In general, drinking the right amount of water gives you energy and calms your appetite; therefore you are more physically active and you eat less.

  1. Keeps you highly hydrated

It’s water. It’s alkaline, thus it keeps the cells better hydrated reducing skin problems and maintaining a healthy tonus of the body and skin.

  1. It helps against diabetes

Alkaline water has been long used in preventing diabetes and treatment of different disease such as psoriasis or even cancer. 

  1. It boosts the immune system

The overall benefit of the consumption of alkaline water is that it protects the activity of cells and enhances the work of the immune system at optimal levels.

However, just as anything in this world there are also negative effects to an exaggerated amount of consumption of alkaline water can lead to: vomiting, nausea, muscle discomfort and problems to concentrate.

Where can you get alkaline water from?

There are two main sources of having your own river of alkaline water at home. One is an untested recipe of alkaline water promoted from unofficial sources and the other option is buying an alkaline water machine also know as water ionizers.

In order to make home alkaline water you need the following ingredients: filtered water, baking soda, lemon, sea salt and coral calcium powder; besides you need a pH test strip and glass recipients (that are better than plastic recipients that can intoxicate the water after a while).

However, if you want an effort-less, continuous source of alkaline water the most cost-effective and simple solution is to buy an alkaline water machine. When you search for a water ionizer on the market, you realize that is so confusing buying alkaline water machine and nobody tells you how to pick the right one.

To make the right choice when it comes to buying alkaline water machines, you have to take a look at: plates (material and resistance), filter life (replacement costs and quantity of filtered water), installing position (under sink or counter top) and optional features such as self-clean, display or programs.

Before making a decision, read through the alkaline water machines’ guide where you can find all the necessary information plus suggestions of best reviewed alkaline machines. The costs for alkaline water machines vary quite a lot but you need to pay attention to the things you get for that price.

Finding the right alkaline water machine is an adventure but with the right guidance you will get a healthy solution for a long-time installed at home.

What do you think? Should people make the switch from regular water to alkaline water at a larger level?

They key to making a right decision is information.