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Word goes by that alkaline water is the new trend to keep you healthy and fit. Alkaline water can easily help you create an alkaline diet that has been backed up by celebrities. Alkaline diet is defined as a great detoxifying lifestyle and don’t we know that water is greatly important in day-to-day life?

In order for you to have a home-based fountain of alkaline water, producing companies have battled on the new market to create better designs and better quality alkaline water ionizers, also called water machines. We have created a detailed guide on what alkaline water machine to buy which also features the most successful alkaline water ionizers. In this review, you will have the chance to know more about the winning party, the best alkaline water machines that have entered the top.

I call it number 1, they call it: Tyent’s Water Ionizer.

Who is the Tyent of Water Ionizers?

P.S: Did you see what we did there? Tyent, Tyrant, potato, po-ta-to

Tyent USA is a company founded by Joe Boccuti, a holistic researcher and lifestyle coach. His primarily occupation was to help people lose weight and give up smoking while also sticking to a healthy diet; that is how he began to research alkaline water and its benefits. He brought on board close family and specialists in customer care, wellness and technology and thus created the “Tyent USA” brand. Joe Boccuti has been in the wellness business for more than 15 years. The Tyent USA Company works with Korean producers in order to ensure the technological quality and product improvement.

Also, Joe Boccuti has worked on the Korean recipe of healthy alkaline water and transformed it into a high quality water machine.

The Tyent USA Company is putting all the high technology in its water ionizers and chooses products certified by medical professionals.

Tyent USA promises health in high technology sources, but let’s see how they do in practice!

Tyent’s 11 Plate Water Ionizer – a Winner


Tyent USA Company has managed to top the reviews of alkaline water machines in 2015, 2017 and apparently 2018 is an excellent year for them, too.

Why is that?

  1. Good Design

They manage to bring a large variety of subtle designs. Tyent’s alkaline water machines look modern, futuristic and suited for all types of kitchen sizes. They also produce countertop and under top units so you can choose whatever fits your aesthetics.

  1. All a water ionizer needs

For alkaline water to be filtered the right way ionizers need a greater number of plates and Tyent produces 9 and 11 plates. They are also solid/mesh hybrid plates, coated in platinum. It has 4 Alkaline, 3 Acidic, 1 Neutral (including Turbo) options and 55 presets. It also has flood prevention system and automatic self-cleaning. So technological-wise, Tyent USA 11 Plate Water Ionizer, countertop, is a well-thought and high quality alkaline water machine.

  1. Eco-friendly

Tyent’s 11 Plates is chemical and lead free and also manages a 40% less waste water due to increased flow. Plus, due to its Ultra Plus, Dual filtration it removes sediment, chlorine, chloramines, metals, pesticide and herbicides. Tyent’s 11 plates- water ionizer also has all the necessary certifications from FDA and other consumption institutions including Korea’s medical approval.

All-in-all, the only thing that can keep customers away from Tyent’s 11 Plates water ionizer is the fact that needs to be unplugged to make its reboot (so plug it where you have immediate access) and the high price, because you’ll have to get out of our pockets more than $3000 for this beauty.

Tyent’s 11 Plates water ionizer

What people DON’T like about Tyent’s water ionizers


To be honest, it’s was quite difficult to find bad reviews on the web about Tyent’s water ionizers. The positive reviews were quite detailed and complex, while the negative ones were a short “bad” or “I don’t like it” which makes it quite difficult to pinpoint negative aspects about Tyent’s alkaline water machines.

Still, in general ratings, Tyent’s 11 Plates Water Ionizer received 4 out of 5 stars for value, set-up and filter life, the rest of the features were all rated 5 full stars. So, we can deduce that Tyent’s alkaline water machines are a little bit too expensive for the general pockets, but if you can afford it, it does its job quite well.


Tyent’s 11 Water Ionizers has some tough siblings


This alkaline water machine is not the only premium level ionizer on the market produced by Tyent. ACE-11 has been called a winner in 2016 by professional reviewers and has a similar pricing as Tyent’s 11 Plates Water Ionizer.

Plus, the revolutionary aspect of ACE-11 is that it has a hydrogen boost and implements the new hydrogen scientific approach: the more hydrogen, the better for our health.

ACE- 11 is a bit taller than Tyent’s 11 Plates Water Ionizer and the digital screen is narrower.

While the most common choice is countertop or above counter water ionizers, Tyent’s UCE-11 is proof that you can have a high-quality water ionizer with under-top installation as well. Tyent’s UCE-11 comes with the same features as ACE-11 and around the same price.

Where can you buy Tyent’s water ionizers?


The usual and normal advice is to buy directly from the source, because you can benefit from producer’s offers and discounts, so get Tyent’s ionizers from Tyent’s website.

There you can check more details about the product, check videos, call directly the customer service representatives and get the information you need.

You can also try Amazon, but the risk there is to not buy directly from the producer hence the alkaline water machine parts can be changed or modified.

A smart move is to call Tyent and ask if they have distributors around your area to facilitate the buying process.

Final Review


Tyent USA is doing a nice job featuring high technology products in their alkaline water machines.

They also win points for keeping it up with science discoveries and being transparent about this.

When it comes to practical alkaline water machines, Tyent USA puts in every product the best feature combination: dual filters, SMPS PLUS® Power Supply, high number of solid/mesh hybrid titanium plates coated in platinum, diverse filtration presets and water options.


When your budget is not restricted or limited, Tyent USA’s alkaline water machines are a smart choice.